i love to party

I love to party, it is one of the things that I do, I came to London to earn my fourtune – which I did, and now I look to spend a lot of money on my play time, I work very hard and so I think that I am entitled to a little fun. London is my play ground and not only do I enjoy the nightlife that it has to offer but I also enjoy spending time with the very sexy escorts in London that have become so common in the Capital.

Lots of people moan that there are far to many working girls in London these days and that the quality has been diluted, are you crazy is my reply, they must be I have not seen a bad escort in ages and believe me I see enough of them, I think last month I saw something like 15.

I must be a escort agencies dream customer, they have no fear of me trying to see the girl direct, doing a deal with her that cuts the agency out, I have not intention of ever seeing the same girl twice, all I want to do is send a text and be told where to go. That’s why I use the same agency time and time again, they know me, I don’t have to phone up and they know what I like.

Perhaps this is why I only see the best girls, if you had me as a customer would you ever send me to a bad girl.

One of my pet hates and something that my agency knows I love when booking my London escort is owo, I could never see a girl that doesn’t do this. I read a little while back about a guy moaning that the girl wouldn’t give him a blowjob unless he had a shower and he wouldn’t! Why on earth would you not have shower? I know for a fact that if the girl doesn’t want you to have a shower you ar not going to get a very good service.

So over the years I have had some great times, I have seen girls on their own, I have had duo’s and I have had three at a time, for this you really need three escorts who get along, one sucking you dick, one your balls and one sitting on your face is great but unless they like each other then don’t bother!!

I have so many stories to tell, I know all the best places to go and I have this amazing agency I use time and time again, if you want to see them then click; amazing escort agency in London recommended by me!!

What you need to know before hiring a London escort

When you’re new to the area and looking to book an escort either for the first time ever or just the first time in London, it can be a little intimidating. If you’re in this situation and need a helping hand to get that first encounter going, we’re going to impart some useful knowledge that should help you hire a London escort in this article. Read on if you spend or plan on spending any time with the working girls in the city, it might be useful.

Jessica from Casino London Models
Jessica from Casino London Models. Found on London Punt.

In the past decade the London escorts industry has grown exponentially, due to the expansion of advertisements online and the loophole legalization of escorting in the UK as a whole.  Because of this, anyone wanting to set up a simple incall or outcall experience in London is presented with an astounding amount of choices.

Who should you pick? Which agency services are legitimate? Will my escort provide exactly what I need? How much should I pay?

These are just a few of the many important questions that plague someone setting up a date with a London escort. If you want your encounter to go smoothly, you’re going to want the answers to these questions and more.

Anne London Punt
Anne from Supreme Angels London. Found on London Punt.

Important information to know before booking London escorts for the first time:

  • Not all escort profiles and websites are to be trusted. If you want to book a particular London escort, it pays to do a little research into her services beforehand.
  • The best places to do research online are established escort directories like London Punt and Adult Work. We’d suggest sticking with London Punt since it’s focused in the city area and has a good variety of listings. Explore London Punt today by following this link: http://www.londonpunt.co.uk.
  • Average prices for an independent escort in the area go from £80-140. We suggest not booking anyone for less than £80, unless you’re confident it will turn out well.
  • Average prices for an agency escort in the area go from £120-250. This is for regular escort agencies. High Class escort agency prices can be much more.
  • When calling to book your escort for time, be sure to cover any pertinent details prior to the appointment to avoid being disappointed on the day. For example, if you want to perform a particular activity that is outside the norm, it’s a good idea to make sure she’s okay with it.
  • Being nervous is unnecessary. Escorts are usually well trained at easing newbies into the experience. You’re booking an escort to enjoy yourself, so it wouldn’t make any sense to ruin the experience with a lack of confidence.
  • Remember to show a degree of courtesy. It’s just common sense, be nice to your escort and not only will you receive a better service, but hell hath no fury like a woman escorts scorn.

Camera shot of London and Buckingham

In summary…

We must say it’s not hard to book an escort for the first time in London. It can be intimidating, sure. But all you really have to do is get out there on the web, make a few phone calls and go for it.

Manchesters cheating footballers

It’s old news but it seems the football players of Manchester’s mighty teams are unable to keep their penises in their trousers. Yet again another Manchester united footballer is making the headlines for his philandering ways. Marcos Rojit has been revealed, is the latest player to have his infidelities dragged through the courts. Rojo had an affair behind his wife’s back with 34 year old fitness instructor Sarah Watson; after a brief fling Ms Watson decided she wanted to sell her story to the sun newspaper but in true footballer style Rojo had a gagging order placed against her to stop her from revealing his name in the press. Initially the Judge granted Marcus Rojo anonymity after he accused her of blackmailing him, but Mr Justice Warby overturned the order as the sex session they had appeared to have had been initiated by Rojo. The two openly engaged in sexual activity with each other in full view at a friend’s party and Watson now has a one hundred thousand pound exposé deal with the sun newspaper. Rojo isn’t the first and sadly for their wives and girlfriends he won’t be the last. It seems the footballers of Manchester are overpaid, over sexed and have seriously inflated egos.

Looking back there have been numerous cases, golden balls David Beckham supposedly had an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loose back in 2004. Since then every year numerous women have come forward to expose football player’s sexual antics. High profile cases include Wayne Rooney who had a threesome with a one thousand pound a night escort Helen Wood in 2010 while his wife Coleen was pregnant. Wood is just of a number of women who claim to have slept with Rooney behind Coleen’s back. Its common knowledge in Manchester that footballers regularly use escorts. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Manchester escorts are regularly booked by footballers for private liaisons or to join them at raunchy parties that go on into the early hours. The most despicable has to be Ryan Giggs who had an eight year affair behind his wife’s back with his brother’s wife Natasha, who aborted his baby just before marrying his brother Rhodri. During that time he also had an affair with big brother contestant Imogen Thomas. His affair was exposed four years ago and it has been recently reported that he’s only just got the balls to apologise four years on. It’s a story that is repeated over and over, Rojo is just the latest, it won’t be long before Rojo’s affair is old news and we will see another big name in the headlines.

booking an escort in Knightsbridge

Let us just say you were in Knightsbridge and you wanted to book an escort for some adult fun, where is the first place that you would start looking if you had never done this type of thing before?

An image of the Knightsbridge, London Underground.
Knightsbridge, London Underground

Well for the novice punter finding an escort has become very easy and very quick, the easy answer to it is just use the internet, that it, that’s what it is there for and everything is brought to you by Google, it’s something that we all have on our laptops, computers or phones and it is easy to use. What would I search for? That’s easy! Knightsbridge escorts!

Knightsbridge Escorts are unlike any other

To make your life a little simpler visit this Knightsbridge escorts link and there are some great examples of beautiful ladies for you to see.

Just because it is Knightsbridge doesn’t mean that the girls are as expensive as you would think, there are loads of working girls there from as little as £150 per hour, of course there are many more that cost more, some will be as expensive as £2000 per hour, that really is a different league and for that sort of money you are going to get a super model type of lady.

Escort Agency in Knightsbridge

I have seen a number of the best girls and that is why I thought I would share this with you, of course, you do not have to listen to what I say because the information is so readily available to you but a push in the right direction is always welcome.

A photograph taken of Knightsbridge, London.
Knightsbridge, London

Should you use an agency or see an independent escort? I would always say you are best using an agency, they make booking a girl so simple and some of the independent escorts in Knightsbridge can get a little bit up themselves and forget that you are their customer. You also get such a great selection of ladies at an agency so why would you limit your choices to just one.

Perhaps the best thing to do is for you to book a few girls at once, one after the other, yes it may get expensive but you are sure going to have fun and you are going to get a real feel for what is available in the area.

I could tell you lots and lots of other things to do in Knightsbridge also but that is not why you are here, this article is all about escorts so what is the point of boring you with other stuff?