Manchesters cheating footballers

It’s old news but it seems the football players of Manchester’s mighty teams are unable to keep their penises in their trousers. Yet again another Manchester united footballer is making the headlines for his philandering ways. Marcos Rojit has been revealed, is the latest player to have his infidelities dragged through the courts. Rojo had an affair behind his wife’s back with 34 year old fitness instructor Sarah Watson; after a brief fling Ms Watson decided she wanted to sell her story to the sun newspaper but in true footballer style Rojo had a gagging order placed against her to stop her from revealing his name in the press. Initially the Judge granted Marcus Rojo anonymity after he accused her of blackmailing him, but Mr Justice Warby overturned the order as the sex session they had appeared to have had been initiated by Rojo. The two openly engaged in sexual activity with each other in full view at a friend’s party and Watson now has a one hundred thousand pound exposé deal with the sun newspaper. Rojo isn’t the first and sadly for their wives and girlfriends he won’t be the last. It seems the footballers of Manchester are overpaid, over sexed and have seriously inflated egos.

Looking back there have been numerous cases, golden balls David Beckham supposedly had an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loose back in 2004. Since then every year numerous women have come forward to expose football player’s sexual antics. High profile cases include Wayne Rooney who had a threesome with a one thousand pound a night escort Helen Wood in 2010 while his wife Coleen was pregnant. Wood is just of a number of women who claim to have slept with Rooney behind Coleen’s back. Its common knowledge in Manchester that footballers regularly use escorts. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Manchester escorts are regularly booked by footballers for private liaisons or to join them at raunchy parties that go on into the early hours. The most despicable has to be Ryan Giggs who had an eight year affair behind his wife’s back with his brother’s wife Natasha, who aborted his baby just before marrying his brother Rhodri. During that time he also had an affair with big brother contestant Imogen Thomas. His affair was exposed four years ago and it has been recently reported that he’s only just got the balls to apologise four years on. It’s a story that is repeated over and over, Rojo is just the latest, it won’t be long before Rojo’s affair is old news and we will see another big name in the headlines.

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