i love to party

I love to party, it is one of the things that I do, I came to London to earn my fourtune – which I did, and now I look to spend a lot of money on my play time, I work very hard and so I think that I am entitled to a little fun. London is my play ground and not only do I enjoy the nightlife that it has to offer but I also enjoy spending time with the very sexy escorts in London that have become so common in the Capital.

Lots of people moan that there are far to many working girls in London these days and that the quality has been diluted, are you crazy is my reply, they must be I have not seen a bad escort in ages and believe me I see enough of them, I think last month I saw something like 15.

I must be a escort agencies dream customer, they have no fear of me trying to see the girl direct, doing a deal with her that cuts the agency out, I have not intention of ever seeing the same girl twice, all I want to do is send a text and be told where to go. That’s why I use the same agency time and time again, they know me, I don’t have to phone up and they know what I like.

Perhaps this is why I only see the best girls, if you had me as a customer would you ever send me to a bad girl.

One of my pet hates and something that my agency knows I love when booking my London escort is owo, I could never see a girl that doesn’t do this. I read a little while back about a guy moaning that the girl wouldn’t give him a blowjob unless he had a shower and he wouldn’t! Why on earth would you not have shower? I know for a fact that if the girl doesn’t want you to have a shower you ar not going to get a very good service.

So over the years I have had some great times, I have seen girls on their own, I have had duo’s and I have had three at a time, for this you really need three escorts who get along, one sucking you dick, one your balls and one sitting on your face is great but unless they like each other then don’t bother!!

I have so many stories to tell, I know all the best places to go and I have this amazing agency I use time and time again, if you want to see them then click; amazing escort agency in London recommended by me!!