What you need to know before hiring a London escort

When you’re new to the area and looking to book an escort either for the first time ever or just the first time in London, it can be a little intimidating. If you’re in this situation and need a helping hand to get that first encounter going, we’re going to impart some useful knowledge that should help you hire a London escort in this article. Read on if you spend or plan on spending any time with the working girls in the city, it might be useful.

Jessica from Casino London Models
Jessica from Casino London Models. Found on London Punt.

In the past decade the London escorts industry has grown exponentially, due to the expansion of advertisements online and the loophole legalization of escorting in the UK as a whole.  Because of this, anyone wanting to set up a simple incall or outcall experience in London is presented with an astounding amount of choices.

Who should you pick? Which agency services are legitimate? Will my escort provide exactly what I need? How much should I pay?

These are just a few of the many important questions that plague someone setting up a date with a London escort. If you want your encounter to go smoothly, you’re going to want the answers to these questions and more.

Anne London Punt
Anne from Supreme Angels London. Found on London Punt.

Important information to know before booking London escorts for the first time:

  • Not all escort profiles and websites are to be trusted. If you want to book a particular London escort, it pays to do a little research into her services beforehand.
  • The best places to do research online are established escort directories like London Punt and Adult Work. We’d suggest sticking with London Punt since it’s focused in the city area and has a good variety of listings. Explore London Punt today by following this link: http://www.londonpunt.co.uk.
  • Average prices for an independent escort in the area go from £80-140. We suggest not booking anyone for less than £80, unless you’re confident it will turn out well.
  • Average prices for an agency escort in the area go from £120-250. This is for regular escort agencies. High Class escort agency prices can be much more.
  • When calling to book your escort for time, be sure to cover any pertinent details prior to the appointment to avoid being disappointed on the day. For example, if you want to perform a particular activity that is outside the norm, it’s a good idea to make sure she’s okay with it.
  • Being nervous is unnecessary. Escorts are usually well trained at easing newbies into the experience. You’re booking an escort to enjoy yourself, so it wouldn’t make any sense to ruin the experience with a lack of confidence.
  • Remember to show a degree of courtesy. It’s just common sense, be nice to your escort and not only will you receive a better service, but hell hath no fury like a woman escorts scorn.

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In summary…

We must say it’s not hard to book an escort for the first time in London. It can be intimidating, sure. But all you really have to do is get out there on the web, make a few phone calls and go for it.